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Hello readers!

I'm mostly making this blog to allow myself to share my opinion about games, write small reviews and just to write down my general gaming experiences. My name is Rau and I'm an eighteen year old gamer from the Netherlands. I mostly do my gaming on the PC, but also occasionally play on Wii, PS2, (3)DS, Android and PSP. I like most genres, with the exception of platformers. I do enjoy some platformers, but I'd much rather play a solid RPG or strategy game. I'll be updating the blog regularly (I hope), but I might sometimes be too busy because of my study. I'm looking forward to your responses on my blogs!

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Rustysoutdooradventures | January 10, 2012 at 8:47 PM

Hey man nice into, and damn near perfect english! My blog is pretty new too, best of luck!

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